Financial Solutions Canada® is a different kind of financial advisory firm.

Our unique approach to working with clients helps them achieve financial security.

Most families are so focused on running their households, so often they don’t have time to conduct proper financial planning for themselves. Rather than preparing for financial issues in advance, most find themselves reacting to life’s surprises.

At the same time, many advisory firms focus on the products sold instead of the client’s goals. Given this approach, it’s no surprise that families become frustrated with the results.

At Financial Solutions Canada®, we take a different approach. We don’t offer advice on your situation until we fully understand your short, mid and long term goals. Once we know what you want and the resources you have accumulated to date, we model different scenarios and come up with a plan that will give you financial clarity. Only then will we recommend products and strategies.

We take the time to understand the dynamics of the couple, in regards to how each partner relates to money. One partner may be the "saver" and the other the "spender". One may be a "planner", the other "impulsive". One may be more "motivated" while the other more "laid back". Understanding this relationship is important in the goal setting process and in the implementation of a financial plan like "The Family WealthMap Solution™.

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The Family WealthMap Solution